Best “Horror” Films 2020

Does this film create a new phobia in you? Does it have such strange, twisted, horrible imagery that it leaves you feeling… changes… some how. Unable to sleep that night.

Our definition of “Horror”

Part of our Best of 2020 episode.

This film is a rumination on depression, having a child, isolation, and dealing with death. Babadook is my pick for horror.

About Film

When considering horror I always consider gore. This film highlights the gore with the constant threat of what horrible, gory thing could be done to you. I’m going with Saw.

About Film

It was somewhere around the time Uncle Frank – held up by hooks and chains stuck in his flesh (well, it’s the skin of his dead brother he’s wearing after murdering him) – sarcastically quotes the Bible before being torn into an exploding mass of flesh that I realized: “Clive Barker may be trying to push some boundaries here.” Did I mention he was kind of lecherously licking his lips while he was quoting the Bible? Or that he had just tried to attack his niece? Yeah, Hellraiser has some imagery in this film that will stick with you.

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