“Do You Like Scary Movies?”

The Midnight Murderama Podcast dives deep into the dark recesses of Hollywood — as hosts Jamie Clark, JT Timmons and Russell Sanders meticulously research, argue over, and finally rate and review the most horrific and terrifying films ever made. 

With movie selections ranging from behemoths of the genre like A Nightmare on Elm Street or The Exorcist, to cult classics like Evil Dead, to modern masterpieces such as Shaun of the Dead and The VVitch, this podcast is bound to cover every horror enthusiast’s favorite film, and even introduce them to movies they have never considered watching. 

Through the hosts’ unique mix of witty, often off-color humor, artistic criticism, and academic research, Midnight Murderama examines the most entertaining, shocking, and memorable nightmares to ever drag themselves from the twisted minds of the most well respected names in horror filmmaking. 

Do you know the dead-eyed, zoned-out look that comes over friends and family members when you bring up why the continuity in Halloween actually makes perfect sense from film to film? Have you seen the look of revulsion on the face of a first date when you exchange the title of your favorite movie? (And yours contains the words “blood,” “dead,” or “evil”)

Well, gain some self-awareness for fuck’s sake and learn to discuss politics like a normal person. Then, go home, put on your pit-stained Texas Chainsaw Massacre T-Shirt, and listen to the Midnight Murderama Podcast every week instead of traumatizing your loved ones — rant and lecture over Twitter at the hosts about everything they got wrong. Suggest their next film selection. Or, if you are even more deviant than we have already established you undoubtedly are, reach out to have a friendly conversation and let them know how they are doing.

While the horror genre audience can often appeal only to a toxically masculine audience, what sets Midnight Murderama apart is embracing multiple viewpoints, approaching often delicate subject matter with respect (and humor). 

The Midnight Murderama Podcast is hosted by three friends: Jamie, JT, and Russell. They started their unhealthy love-affair with listening to their own voices by establishing the Lead Deals Podcast Network in 2015 when they launched their first podcast, The OC Men, chronicling their experiences watching the television series The O.C.

Meet The Murderers’ Row

The Undead Expert

Lifelong horror film fanatic Jamie is the sherpa of this harrowing ascent into the mountains of filmic madness. Robotically affected, with a level-head and discerning eye towards the creation of film, Jamie brings his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm of the genre to take lead on the discussions.

Favorite Horror Films: Aliens, Dawn of the Dead, and From Dusk Till Dawn

The Mad Professor

Self-important, Seth Rogen-voiced, JT brings the were-lion’s share of the research to the podcast. Often excitable and opinionated, JT uses his background as a college English professor to examine the theory and social impact of many films he has never seen before. And sniff his own nerdy farts.

Favorite Horror Films: The Thing, 28 Days Later, and Cloverfield

The Dead Dog

Russell is a lifelong comedian and improv performer, currently performing with the local Columbia, SC improv group The Mothers. Russell brings a unique and hilarious perspective to the podcast, sometimes diverting to his eclectic interests ranging from professional wrestling, to Disneytube, to Musical Theater, and the Muppets. 

Favorite Horror Films: Shaun of the Dead, The Devil’s Rejects, and From Dusk Till Dawn