Parasite (2019)

Review: Parasite (2019)

I have to start with the caveat that I don’t really feel this is a true horror movie. I see it categorized as such so I thought I would review it here.

This is a film from Bong Joon-Hoo, a master of Korean cinema. His films The Host, Snowpiercer, and Memories of Murder are some of my favorites in their respective genres.

Parasite is, however, possibly my pick for the movie of the year — and i suppose if it is technically a horror film, then it would be the horror movie of the year for me.

This is a masterclass in sympathetic and unique characters. The settings are lush and full of character. The premise is wholly unique.

The twists and turns are exhilirating.

The ending is sublime.

Still, not sure I’d call it a horror movie — maybe a tense film with horror elements.

Watch it anyway. You will have to read subtitles, but, I mean, grow up. It’s great.