The Thing (1982)

Review: The Thing (1982)

I mean, it’s The Thing. If you are a fan of horror movies watch the original (1st remake) from 82.

The monster is amazing and original–the effects and gore are all practical and the top standard for horror film effects.

Aspects of the premise or story may seem familiar to modern viewers watching this for the first time in 2020 or beyond, but that is just because this film set a standard with this genre of isolation body horror.

In case you have been living under a horror film rock, The Thing takes place in a remote Antarctic research station. Something has been unearthed by blasting in the ice that takes over the isolated workers’ bodies and turns them into Cthulhu-esque monsters. No one can trust each other or themselves.

The whole thing feels very… of the eighties. It is a paranoid and frozen situation born from the minds of those experiencing the uncertain turmoil of the Cold War. Whom can you trust? Are some of those close to you just waiting to be revealed as monsters–something unknown inside of them this whole time?

The Thing is these concerns made flesh. And skin. And blood. And bone.

Its gross, bloody, full of explosions, and superlative. One of the best horror movies ever made. Still holds up.

Only drawback is that some of the performances feel from the 80s. There is a style of acting that we have just moved on from a little bit. I find it charming, but others may think of it as a bit archaic.

Watch it. The Thing is a masterclass in paranoia, body horror, isolation, and practical effects. Plus Kurt Russell has never been cooler (heh).

Oh hey there. Didn’t see you. You well never bee as awesome or sexy as me.
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