Best “Scary” Films 2020

Does this film make you jump in your seat, scream out loud, frighten you in a physical way? Are you forced to look away from the screen or grip your partner’s hand?

Our definition of “Scariness”

Part of our Best of 2020 episode.

You’ve got crazy, backwoods people, chainsaws, slamming doors, dark camera work, although the lens of 1970s grain. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the scariest film we watched in 2020.

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This movie lingers with you as you dwell on the same thing happening to you. Something you’d have no control over. Ringu is my pick.

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You could make the argument I’m biased in picking this film since I’m afraid of deep water, so I may have spent most of this film squirming in my seat no matter what. Regardless of my own hangups, Jaws has some of the most iconic jump scares in cinema. No one can forget Sheriff Brody’s first up-close introduction to the shark, and even though the fake head prop looks silly by today’s standards, even that shock still got me while rewatching.

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