2020 Murderama Award Winners

The votes are in! Despite a number of lawsuits accusing our voting results as fraud, we are sticking by them. We are excited to announce the results for the 2020 Murderama Awards. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who submitted responses. It was really fun getting to pull this together based on input from the horror community.

Award Categories

We had over sixty people submit their rankings of the films we covered in 2020. Those votes were tallied and compiled into the following lists.

Ranking Highlights

In addition to our ranked lists, we came up with the films that epitomized our big three categories we use for ranking: Horror, Scariness, and Terror.

2021 can only be better… right?

2020 was a lot of terrible things to a lot of people, but it was also the year we finally got Midnight Murderama off the ground. Having this podcast to work on has actually been a wonderful piece of certainty during a very uncertain time, and we are so appreciative of everyone who has decided to listen in each week. Like most everyone else on this planet, we’re pretty sure next year can only get better. We have a lot of ideas planned, so stay tuned!