Agents of Horror Character Profiles: Father Karras

“The Power of Christ compels you!”

Father Damien Karras is an agent of the D.C.U. of the class known as The Initiates.

Initiates are members of an ancient monster-slaying Sect, trained to fight and use magic to rid the world of demons, ghouls, ghosts and monsters. They came to this calling either through birth or some higher calling. They do this not for money or for knowledge or for glory, but for honor. Because it is right.

Father Karras first appeared on the Department for the Containment of the Unexplainable’s radar in 1973 after bravely sacrificing himself to exorcise a demon inhabiting a little girl.

The D.C.U. brought him back from the grave, more powerful yet more conflicted in his beliefs than before. He tattooed glowing words of protective power across his skin and took up the pole-sword “Dawnbringer” to exercise the world of its demons.

Karras now fights to make sure what happened to young Regan never happens to another child.

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