Promo! Things Will Happen in the Past
By jaleh on Jun 12th 2023
Hello dear hearts, We’re back with a 10 week journey (deep, deep AND cheap, cheap) of classic literature adaptations. We’ll be covering movies and mini-series based on some of our favorite female authors. Join us on Thursday, June 22, 2023 when we will watch Greta Gerwig’s Little Women (2019).
Happy 2021 from The Hart Chicks!
By jaleh on Jan 2nd 2021
Happy New Year, dear hearts! Jaleh and Jess wanted to thank you all for making our 2020 a little less hellish. Whether you became a new listener of the Hart of Dixie Chicks; joined us on our Majorcan romp to Love Island; or relistened to old episodes, we appreciate each and every one of you. …
By Russell Sanders on Oct 2nd 2020
The Mothers The Podcast – Preview
Agents of Horror Character Profiles: Father Karras
By Jon Timmons on Jul 5th 2020
Father Damien Karras is an agent of the D.C.U. of the class known as The Initiates. Initiates are members of an ancient monster-slaying Sect, trained to fight and use magic to rid the world of demons, ghouls, ghosts and monsters. They came to this calling either through birth or some higher calling. They do this …
New Podcast Announced: Midnight Murderama
By Jamie Clark on Jun 27th 2020
Lead Deals is proud to debut their newest podcast, Midnight Murderama. From the same team that brought you the OC Men Podcast, this time Jamie, JT, and Russell are tackling the world of horror movies.
The Hart Chicks Present…You’re A Bit Of Me
By jaleh on Apr 13th 2020
Dear hearts, Since we are all sheltering in place due to the Coronavirus, Jaleh and Jess decided to record an episode about their recent obsession, Love Island UK. We’ll be talking all about Season 5’s Casa Amor recoupling and the mayhem that ensues.
John Cena rumored to be playing X-O Manowar in film adaptation of comic
By Jamie Clark on Apr 10th 2020
Wrestler and noted pile potato salad John Cena has the internet buzzing after a vague Tweet referencing the oft-rebooted Valiant/Acclaim comic book character X-O Manowar. My memory of X-O Manowar was a barbarian that discovered a sentient alien space suit that let him blast spider aliens in half. I think his origin has changed a …
New Podcast Announced: Hear We Go
By Russell Sanders on Oct 15th 2017
Russell has fallen out of listening to music. He doesn’t know when to listen to it and he doesn’t know what to listen to! By enlisting the helps of his friends he’s hoping to learn to love music again. Each week’s episode will have a topic theme that he and guests bring a song to …
New Podcast Announced: Hart of Dixie Chicks
By jaleh on Jun 15th 2017
The first episode, “Who’s your daddy?“, will be released on June 22!
The OC Men Podcast Store is online!
By Lead Deals on Mar 28th 2017
Thanks to the nice folks at TeeSpring, the OC Men Podcast Online Store is officially up and running selling all of your OC Men Podcast needs. We started with a few shirts from various episodes to test the waters, but if these prove popular we can try other designs. Let us know what you want to see …
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