Agents of Horror Podcast

Ever daydream about how you would act differently in the horror films you watch? Ever seen a character make such a dumb or self-defeating decision that you almost turned the movie off?

Did you ever want to see those un-killable monsters hunted down by gun and knife-toting badasses trained not to run and scream, but to run… after and scream… as they kill those monsters?

Well, daydream no more. Welcome to Midnight Murderama presents: Agents of Horror, the original horror tabletop roleplaying game produced
by lead deads productions.

Agents of horror is a terrifying roleplaying experience featuring the investigation and battling of scary monsters both familiar and new
to fans of all forms of horror entertainment.

Follow along with Lead Deals Producers JT playing the role of DM, Jamie playing as Father Karras, Russel as the monstrous Calvin Cumbee and introducing Jamie’s High School friend and gaming-enthusiast Brian Agent Bruce, as they play as agents for the Department for the Containment of the Unexplainable in attempt to make this world, well, just a little less horrific.

JT Timmons
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